If you are having a mold problem then listen and watch this all new mold removal system for cleaning and removal of mold!

Hi I'am Ron Nichols owner of this mold restoration company that specializes in mold testing, inspections, mold remediation and restoration. We use a vastly superior process that is environmentally safe that uses zero chemicals while at the same time remove 99% of all the mold.

Right now you are watching us clean and remove mold with a process called dry Ice Blasting. It uses no chemicals or cleaning solutions at all. It 100% environmentally safe and removes mold better that any other system ever used for mold remediation and restoration.

It work very similar to sand blasting but is uses dry ice blasting pellet. It goes on as a solid and turns into a gas therefore it does not add moisture back to the surface that caused the mold problem in the first place. This process is a much more gentle cleaning process and gets deep into those hard to reach place that before now was almost impossible to reach with the standard chemical and brush cleaning.

When we are done, the area will have a like new appearance. Another big advantage is it is a safe and clean method of cleaning mold with out those harsh chemical cleaning methods that sometimes leaves a stain while removing the mold.

Dry Ice Cleaning is really a clean and environmentally friendly cleaning process.

If you want to learn more about removing mold from attics, crawl spaces, and other areas using dry ice mold removal methods then please give us a call.

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I hope you have enjoyed our dry ice blasting demonstration video the best method for removing a mold infestation from your home or business. Please continue watching until the end of this video and then give us a call today.

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