Hi, my name is Ron Nichols, I am the owner of CMR Air Duct Cleaning, out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We are members The National Air Duct Cleaning Association, and we follow their strict code of ethics to make sure the job is done correctly. We wanted to make a video today to show you a little bit about our duct cleaning procedures.

The first thing that we do when we get to the house, is that we locate the HVAC unit. A lot times we locate it in the attic or in the crawlspace or outside. We have a 25 horsepower negative air machine, we run a 10 inch in diameter vacuum line going from our negative air machine to the HVAC unit.

We will fasten that to the unit, and we start our machine up. When we start our machine up, that puts the whole system under negative pressure. So what that means is that when you go to all the vents associated with that HVAC unit, if you put your hand over the vents, you're going to feel vacuum on it.

What that vacuum does, it helps out in two ways. First of all how it helps out is that moisture coming up a duct core, nothing will ever come back inside the house 'cause the systems under constant negative pressure. Second of all how the negative pressure helps us out is that when we start cleaning out the duct core, we use positive pressure. The positive pressure is 200 pounds of compressed air, that's ran off a truck mounted air compressor.

We have different types of agitation tools that are hooked on quarter inch rods that can snake up to the duct core up to 100 foot. We go to each room, we take down a register. Once we get the register clean and sanitized, then we start agitating the duct core, pushing everything towards our negative air line.

Between the positive pressure from the tools, and the negative air pressure from the negative air machine, it helps to clean the system out. We repeat this process to all the vents inside the house. Once all the vents are completed, then disconnect and we hook up the return side of the system.

Duct Cleaner Duct Cleaner

The return side is where you put your filter at. We do this side separately because we don't want to draw anything into the return side through the quarter or the HVAC unit. But it will be done the same way, negative pressure on one end, coming through the other end with positive pressure, pushing everything towards a negative air line.

As we get all the duct work cleaned out, then we clean out the HVAC unit. We pop the access panels off and we do the coils, the condensate pan, the blower motor, the interior housing. Everything inside the HVAC unit will be cleaned and sanitized. After we're through cleaning up the HVAC unit and all the duct work, then we sanitize the system.

We have different types of sanitizers depending on what the issue is at the house. After the sanitizer has been induced in the system, it will dry in about 15 minutes.

We do specialize in residential and commercial air duct cleaning. Our services also include duct sanitizing, dryer vent cleaning, and vapor barriers. You can call us at 919 285 2153, or visit us at https://cmrairductcleaning.com for a free estimate.

Again, this is Ron Nichols with CMR Duct Cleaning.

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