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I’m always surprised by how little people know about cleaning and why it is so important. Keeping your home or business clean means a happier healthier life. Why, well dust, mold, and other grime are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and contaminates.

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Most of us use believe if you can see it clean it mentality when doing cleaning. However, it is the unseen areas that usually cause the problem later on. I am talking about in those hidden place in your home or business that the average person never sees. Like behind the refrigerator or your air duct that most of the time are in the attic crawlspace. And the AC unit inside your home, just look up at the vent registers and you can see the dark area around the register then the inside is dirty and dusty.

Raleigh Duct Cleaning I Do Duct Cleaning Raleigh NC Area

Now most people do not have the ability to get deep inside these air ducts and clean them. Even if they did try most likely they would damage the duct work and end up spending thousands fixing them.

What To Do You Might Ask? My recommendation is call a NADCA certified air duct cleaning company in Raleigh NC area and hire them to clean the duct work. The cost will run from about $400 to $1200.

The benefit are a cleaner home or business and a more efficient running AC and Heating unit that is saving you money on your energy bill and giving you clean air to breathe. It a win, win for you…

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